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Social networking, streaming media, portals, product marketing, Internet marketing and web design.
  • Open Source (LAMP), Ajax - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP are state-of-the-art web development tools. These technologies are well-known, backed by numerous
    industry resources and cost-effective.
    Learn more about Linux.
  • MySQL/MSSQL - the predominant database standard
    on the web
  • Interface Design/Graphic Design/Animation - We strongly believe in following interface standards.  We also follow the basic strategies of Web 2.0 design and simplicity.
  • Project Management - Organization and communication are the pillars of our implementation structure.  We include project management in every solution.
  • Internet Marketing - SEO, URL Rewriting, Pay per click, Link building are all techniques that we use to get your web site noticed.

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Turn your web site into a powerful business tool
Attract clients. Create incentives for customers to return and keep track of the entire process for reporting.
  • Zencart/osCommerce - we use the top technologies, so your users have the best experience. We customize for a seamless integration into your site.
  • Payment Gateways - PayPal, Google Checkout to name a few.
  • Product Catalog - Maintain your product catalog on-line with our content management
  • Analytics and Reporting - Understand what your customers are doing, so that you can better serve them
  • Coupon/Point Systems - Keep customers coming back with incentives and point programs
  • User Security and SSL Encryption - Allow your users a safe, secure environment on your web site. Read about using Facebook and other logons for your web site.
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Share your digital media, documents
and ideas

Whether you are uploading a video on your social media web site or modifying a product catalog on your eCommerce site, content management will be the engine to add power to your web site. Capture customer data and report on what
attracts buyers.
  • Joomla! - Open-source for small/medium size deployments. Learn more about Joomla!.
  • Drupal - Open-source for medium/larger deployments
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Extend the reach of your web site
Create apps that are accessible, wherever you go. Join us in the exciting evolution of computing into mobile spaces.
  • HTML5/CSS3/Javascript - our standard for web development with compatibility on mobile devices.
    Learn more about HTML5.
  • Objective C/Java - our standard languages used in mobile development on iPhone and Android
  • Interface Design - natural interfaces and designs that exceed Apple and Google’s standards

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