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How Effective is Your Internet Marketing?
By David Dutt
Sep 2013 - In an age of constant technological change, how can you stay competitive and win customers?   
The Devil is in the Details with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Basic keyword analysis and meta tags are not enough to get your web site into the top ten of Google search results. To compete, companies need to consider the whole web site from Google Webmaster to HTML sitemaps. Link building is as critical as ever, but now it is dramatically influenced by social media. Even if you do not care about speaking to your customers through social media or  developing social media brand awareness, you need a social media presence for SEO.
Social Media Everywhere, Big and Small
Facebook, Linked In and Twitter are now fairly traditional, compared to other options that companies have available to them. For example, if you are a regionalized business, have you checked out Yelp, FourSquare, Google Places, Yahoo Local, And then there are industry specific sites. Car dealers drive to,, and Fashion industry marketers are all over Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. Find how your customers look for you to determine your “targeted” social media sites.
Web Site Story
Outside of all of the technological change, there are still constants. Companies need to develop product and service “stories” that sell their products and services and provide real world examples that allow people to say “Yeah, I need that product too”. Keep the stories simple and even one line like “I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance.” Boom, that’s a show right there – to steal a line from Seinfeld.
The Next Big Thing
“Keep your business partners close and your competition even closer,” and you may find the next big thing in Internet Marketing. Whether you are probing social media for “competition related” posts or checking your competition’s keyword impact to the latest trend on search engines you might be surprised by something new and exciting. Check your competition’s web site. Don’t be left in the dust.
Internet Marketing Competitive Review
Here’s our marketing message… request the Amicus Internet Marketing Competitive Review and see how your search engine ranking, social media and web site stack up against your competition. The Amicus team provides custom solutions to increase your Internet presence and to build your brand or service… or call us +1 (914) 400-3000.
David Dutt is a managing director with Amicus Infotech LLC. David has 25 years experience managing IT innovation and solutions from top worldwide companies to startups. Amicus Infotech is an award winning provider of SEO, Social Media Development & Internet Marketing and a provider of high-end Web & Mobile Design & Development Services. 
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